The following features are available with GoBoard Pro:

Implementation and Training Guide

We created an Implementation and Training Guide (ITG) to guide learning centers through the process of starting online tutoring with their own tutors. This guide was created with the help of universities and colleges that participated in the pilot project year to refine We couldn’t have done it without their support and they contributed to every portion of this guide, providing you with practical advice on how to make online tutoring successful in your learning center.

GoBoard User Guide

"I have found GoBoard to have the best 'balance' of features out of several other platforms I have tried. It has just the right amount of features/tools for tutors to use in order to facilitate an effective and efficient online session. I also like the simplicity of sending a link to the student to join a session in addition to using the GoBoard app on the iPad Pro."

Julie Hohmann, Assistant Director
REACH Learning Resource Center, University of Louisville

"GoBoard is a great platform that allows us to utilize our own tutors to provide support to students who might not otherwise be able to utilize our in person sessions. GoBoard has allowed those students to benefit from our in house resources. The tutors who get to work with tutees via GoBoard enjoy all the additional tools Goboard has that they can pull into their sessions to make the tutoring experience more interactive. It’s also looks cool. We're grateful to have a platform this advanced that we can utilize for free to increase the support we offer to all students on our campus."

C. Inez Anders, Director,
Tutoring Services Academic Assistance and Tutoring Centers, University of California, Davis